starting a commodity trading advisor

Starting a Commodity Trading Advisor

Starting a Commodity Trading Advisor can be a daunting task for the unwary. A Commodity Trading Advisor is an individual or firm who provides specific advice regarding the purchase and sale of commodities, including futures, options on futures, swaps and foreign exchange contracts. All Commodity Trading Advisors and their principals are required to register with both the Commodities Futures Trading Commission and National Futures Association. Much like a securities investment advisor, becoming a Commodity Trading Advisor requires certain proficiency and testing requirements.

Sophisticated Commodities Asset Managers

In recent years, sophisticated commodities and forex traders have sought Commodity Trading Advisor registration in increasing numbers. The reason for this is the flexibility that registration provides in terms of both business model and fee structures. Moreover, starting a Commodity Trading Advisor offers a strong indicia of legitimacy in the high-risk worlds of commodities and forex trading. Many industry professionals are finding the compliant Commodity Trading Advisor regime to be well worth the investment.

start a commodity trading advisor

Wabash Advisors Offers

Wabash Advisors offers commodities and forex advisors and traders seeking Commodity
Trading Advisor registration a cost effective, turnkey solution which includes:

  • Establishing your legal entity and drafting related organizational documents.
  • Drafting internal operating agreements and policies for your CTA firm.
  • Evaluating various exemptions from CTA registration and alternative business models.
  • Establishing your CTA account with the National Futures Association.
  • Preparing and filing Form 8-R with the National Futures Association and CFTC.
  • Drafting the required Commodity Trading Advisor Disclosure Document and submission to the National Futures Association for approval.
  • Drafting written CTA operational policies and procedures required by the CFTC and NFA.

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Trust our over twenty-five years’ experience in creating innovative fund solutions for our clients. Contact the venture Commodity Trading Advisor experts at Wabash Advisors to begin the process of starting your venture capital fund today. Our knowledgeable and skilled professionals are happy to answer all of your questions. Call (213) 534-8656 for your free consultation or contact us here.

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